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WHO Says Poor Multidrug Resistant TB Diagnosis Leading To Public Health Crisis


Two years ago about half million people became sick due to few dangerous superbug strains of tuberculosis (TB). However, World Health Organization (WHO) data says less than one in four such patients were diagnosed and the rest were left at risk of dying due to either no treatment at all or taking wrong medicines.

The latest data of WHO also adds further that drug-resistant TB is presently a global health security risk. It says one-third of about 9 million people who contract to the disease each year in any form do the receive the required care.
All these situations have led to the rapid spread of incurable strains of the bacterial infection that cannot be treated as of now with any medicine.

Margaret Chan, director general of WHO, said it is vital to get the TB of any form diagnosed faster and earlier.

On Thursday the UN health agency had published a new data on the disease.

Margaret added further that earlier and faster diagnosis will improve the chances of getting right treatment and be cured fully apart from stopping its spread.

In 2013 WHO also had called for the multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) and said it to be a public health crisis. It added the contagious deadly superbug forms of it carry grave consequences for those people who get infected with it.

In general, the regular TB treatment is also a long process and patients take cocktail of antibiotics for about six months or more. It has been also seen many patients even fail to complete the treatment.

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