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What is the story behind mumps at the Ohio State University?


The Ohio State University located at Columbus reported about 28 mumps cases and it was the students who studied there and the staff that worked in the University campus. As per the spokeswoman Liz Cook of the State of Ohio, the students came to attend classes on Monday after the break of summer and there are going to be more number of mumps cases as reported by the Columbus Dispatch.
The campus houses close to 57000 students and they were advised to maintain proper sanitation and hygiene. Use of tissues at the time of sneezing and coughing and also to be aware of any symptoms related to mumps had to be communicated to the medical authorities. The symptoms of mumps ranged from feeling tired, nausea, tiredness, muscle pain, headache, swollen testicles in men, tender salivary glands. If there is unexplainable tiredness and the student is surely diagnosed with mumps, it is advised that they do not attend the university and advised to take rest.

Mumps spread with touch and sneezing and so it is important that the student does not visit the college or University as there are chances that the other students will also attract the infection. Irrespective of whether the student has been given the MMR vaccine, there is a ten to twenty percent chance of getting mumps. The right precautions and good hygiene is important so that the students are able to protect themselves from the disease. If the student finds these symptoms, it makes sense staying back at home and taking rest. Also, students should refrain from sharing the same drinks, cigarettes and utensils. These are precautions that can be followed. Washing hands, use of sanitizers helps.

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