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What does the WHO report have to say about air pollution – How dangerous is it?

Paris smog

It is a well known fact that the number of people who died from air pollution is definitely higher in number as compared to people who die out of road injuries and even AIDS. As per the WHO report, fatalities arising out of pollution are definitely higher in number.
Paris smog
The underdeveloped nations and also the nations that have middle income, especially Asian countries have a greater percentage of deaths arising out of air pollution that could result in respiratory problems, cancer, heart attacks and cardiac strokes. The World Health Organization is taking up the initiative to clear the air and make it pure for breathing. Smoke has accounted to 4.3 million people losing their lives and air pollution outdoors results in 3.7 million people dying. The percentage of women and infants dying of indoor pollution is higher. Indoor pollution is soot and smoke from the wooden and coal stoves which can be quite disastrous and hazardous for our health. The Director Maria Neira is of the opinion that it is imperative to clear the air that we breathe and it can help us get rid of a plethora of ailments.

Polluted air also brings along a whole host of ailments like lung cancer, heart and cardiac ailments, stroke and also respiratory ailments. Cleaning the air, use of air purifiers certainly help in reducing ailments and it has proven to be very effective for the overall health of our body. The right steps are being taken to control and curb the air pollution that is proving to be too costly to our health.

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