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Try jogging instead of crossword to fight dementia


Men_0103_bThe latest studies show that patients who are suffering from dementia should actually try out jogging as it improves memory. There were reports in the past stating that solving crossword puzzles could actually help dementia patients. Doctors are now advising patients that they should try out jogging as improves the mental abilities. There is clearly a connect between cardio vascular exercises and dementia. The higher the rate of physical exercises like walking and jogging, the better it is for the mind.

Moreover, there are no clear studies on whether arithmetic can be of help in preventing or protecting individuals from dementia. Many individuals believe that brain training games and puzzles like Soduku would help in protecting the brain. As per Professor Clive Ballard holds the post of a professor of age related illness at London’s King College, Sudoku and few brain teasing games may not necessarily help in preventing dementia. Instead of investing in these brain teasing games and Sudoku, it is better to take out time and jog or brisk walk as that helps.
The professor is also taking up the challenge of helping older people and is investigating on how physical activity can provide better health to the brain. Puzzles like Sudoku and brain games have short term influence on our brain as compared to jogging. With age, the older people tend to lose memory and brain skills need to be improved and exercising is the best solution to dementia.

Brisk walking outdoors and healthy lifestyle also improves brain health of individuals. People, who regularly walked and jogged, definitely enjoyed better brain health as exercising improved the hippocampus size or the brain size and helps the individual stay in good mental health.

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