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Troubling Levels of Cholesterol in About One-Third Kids

Troubling Levels of Cholesterol

In a recent study published by HealthDay News kids between the ages of nine and eleven were checked for cholesterol. Shockingly, it was found that one out of every three kids screened seemed to have borderline or high cholesterol. This put them in greater danger for cardiovascular diseases later in life.

Troubling Levels of Cholesterol in About One-Third Kids

Obesity is becoming somewhat of an epidemic with people and kids turning to fast food to save time and more often deal with their emotional state of minds. In fact, strangely it was also found that obese kids were more inclined to have normal cholesterol levels as compared to those who weighed in normally. This was stated by the lead investigator, Dr. Thomas Seery, a pediatric cardiologist at the Texas Children’s Hospital and an assistant professor of pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine, in Houston.

“The reality is that 35 percent of kids who were not obese had abnormal cholesterol as well,” Seery said. He went on to add, that parents and pediatricians should educate children on healthy eating habits and what food is good for them. They should even encourage children to exercise regularly by means of involving them in some kind of activity that gives them a good work out. Failing to do so could result in heart disease and maybe even a stroke later in life. “Cardiovascular disease in children is rare, but we know that atherosclerosis has its beginnings in childhood,” Seery said. “The better a job we do now, the better they will do later in life.”

Studies conducted earlier showed that kids with borderline or high cholesterol levels carried that forward as they moved on from being kids to young adults. This was pointed out by Dr. Patricia Vuguin, a pediatric endocrinologist at Cohen Children’s Medical Center in New Hyde Park, N.Y.




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