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Traumas Can Cause ‘Broken Heart Syndrome’

Traumas Can Cause ‘Broken Heart Syndrome’

According to a new study published in HealthDay News, the tension of a trauma can cause a person to suffer from a ‘broken heart’. Researchers had noticed a huge rise in ‘broken heart syndrome’ soon after tragedy had struck in Vermont after a savage storm – Irene, raised havoc in the state. Similar patterns were discovered in Missouri after the massive tornado had left destruction in its path.

Traumas Can Cause ‘Broken Heart Syndrome’

Also known as Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, ‘broken heart syndrome’ is literally a temporary enlargement and weakening of the heart. This is often a result of deep seated stress and anxiety. It could be set off by emotion or even physical stress.

“Despite the seemingly increasing number of natural disasters we have, there is limited data about how it might affect the heart,” said lead investigator Dr. Sadip Pant, an internist at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. “Our findings suggest two disasters — one in Vermont and one in Missouri — might have been possible triggers for the clustering of Takotsubo cardiomyopathy cases in these regions,” Pant said.

The study that was conducted looked and analyzed data from over 22,000 people across the U.S. They were among the ones who had ‘broken heart syndrome’ in 2011. They finally collated and concluded that Vermont and Missouri were among the highest states to have people diagnosed with ‘broken heart syndrome’.

Some of the more common symptoms of a broken heart could include chest aches and shortness of breath. The condition stays for around 1-2 months and is reversible. Though there are times it may lead to serious complications such as heart failures, palpitations or in some adverse cases, a stroke.

“By and large, it is a very reversible form of cardiomyopathy, but in the acute phase these patients need to be monitored closely to be sure they are stable and to prevent and manage problems,” Pant said in a college news release.

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