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The Brand New Hepatitis C Drug – Sovaldi Is Deemed to Be Too Expensive


It is always seen in television or movies- a pill, which can help in curing diseases that are usually non-curable with any pill or a disease that is rarely combated. But this is only a fictitious thing and there is nothing so real about these pills or such products, which are there on such story lines. However, it could be seen that there is some sort of “miracle pill” actually in the market. For Hepatitis, Sovaldi is a brand new hepatitis C drug, which is manufactured by Gilead Sciences. Now, people are just questioning the pharmaceutical giant about the pills to tell them why such pills cost $1,000 a pop.
For only a three-month cycle, the price tag of this medicine is justifiable for those people who deem that they are very rich and wealthy, but when you consider the common man, things are quite tricky. It comes in at a staggering price of $84,000, that has sent health insurance companies and Medical programs statewide sweating bullets.

Christopher Raymond, who is a R.W. Baird biotech analyst, stated that it makes an easy target for politicians but according to him, the more important constituency is their prayers. Christopher Raymond further stated that most biotech companies need not deal with such kinds of issues or problems on our planets in other places. This is simply because they are having a different health care system in place. Just for example, Europe is making great use of the single-payer systems, which is allowing for the government to take care of any cost that is related to healthcare.
Raymond further stated continuing on his comment that “Alexion”, which is another pharmaceutical company that has its personal highly priced drug, is also amidst a newly developed product cycle in Europe.

And, in Europe, they were winning the battle every day. He further said that it seems like this company is just about to see a “fair play” rule put into the place. Christopher Raymond then went on to say that until the systems in the United States come forward to adopt a medical care system like this, all of the interactions regarding this matter are only going to stay as headlines.

So, this brand new Hepatitis C Drug may certainly be a major breakthrough in the field of medical science, but it’s certainly not a practical choice at this point. And, until the prices drop from $1000 a pop to a couple of hundred dollars, it won’t make any practical sense for sure.

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