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Target Getting Achieved; Obamacare Sign-Up Reaching 7 Million

Barack Obama

The Obamacare sign-up will close today at midnight, 11:59 p.m., for the first year and it is being said the total number will reach to 7 million, as projected by the administration.
Barack Obama
The Republican has always attacked and criticized the rollout. The US Supreme Court too gave verdict in support of the foes that states can limit the Medicaid expansion which was an important part of the plan. Apart from all these, the online portal,, also experienced some technical flaws at the beginning of it six months ago and also today morning when it was down for longer period.

Last week the government said it has received online submission from 6 million people by March 27, and earlier today the figure said 2.9 people visited the website over the weekend. However, the Republicans had yesterday questioned the credibility of the numbers.

Senator John Barasso said he think the Democrats are cooking the books and he questioned about what kind of insurance the people will get and whether they can keep the same doctor. Also, how much more it will cost them, said a Wyoming Republican.

For all the states the sign-up period will end as per the New York time sharp at 11:59 p.m. The law says those who fail to sign-up will face a fine of about 1 percent of their annual income.

The next enrollment will start in November for coverage starting in January 2015.

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