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Study Reveals New Drug to control Cholesterol

heart anger

American College of Cardiology reveals a new medicine to help you lower cholesterol better than all the other drugs like Liptor that the world had been using till today. This is especially beneficial for people who are at a higher risk of heart attacks and other cardiac ailments.
heart anger
Even though these drugs are in the experimental stage, quite a few numbers of companies are already developing this drug looking at its positive results.
This drug, known as Evolocumab has succeeded in reducing LDL by about 66 percent as compared to the regular drugs already available in the market.

Before it is released in to the market and made available for patients, it is required that these drugs can prove to be more effective than statins and can also lower the percentage of cardiac failure due to high level of cholesterol.

But the doctors are now just aiming to see if these drugs can control cholesterol because there is an immediate need to find more drugs that can mitigate cholesterol issues other than the statins and synthetic drugs.

The other synthetic drugs that are being used to control cholesterol are very old and out dated. Zocor, Crestor and Liptor, the regular drugs are cheap but the newly made drugs that that work not only towards blocking the absorption of cholesterol but blocking PCSK9, the substance responsible for lowering the functioning of liver is made from chemicals that are quite expensive.

Instead of pills these are to taken as shots about twice a week. Its side effects are about same as the regular drugs that include a bit of nausea and giddiness.
It is a great leap forward for medical science.

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