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Statins – A savior for men suffering from sexual functions


Statins have proven to be effective in improving the erectile function amongst men who are suffering from erectile problems. It has however been also debated that statins may just be causing the placebo effects. Close to eleven randomized trials were conducted and it was established that may be it is the placebo effect that is causing it.
There was a presentation given by the American College of Cardiology (ACC) meeting. Statins help in lowering the lipid levels in a person which indirectly also have an impact on the sexual capabilities of men. As per the Journal of Sexual medicine, the reports related to phophdiesterase inhibitors and non pharmacological lifestyle therapy are also going to be released online. However, taking statins to fight cholesterol problems is fine, but one should refrain from taking statins if one does not suffer from lipid problems and this should be borne in mind before you take the dose of cholesterol.

Erectile dysfunction is definitely a result of heart problems in men and it could be treated with statins as these help in improving the health of the heart. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction will have to check out for cholesterol so that it can be addressed in the right fashion. As per Tufts Medical Centre of Boston, sexual dysfunction needs to be addressed in the right fashion. Statins will definitely help in treating high cholesterol problems which indirectly have an effect on sexual activity in men. So if men find different in testosterone levels, it is definitely cause for concern.

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