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Soldier got suprise to find out that his wife has a new figure

Misty and Larry Shaffer have been love birds since high school days. Because they work hard to keep their relationship strong, especially during bad times, their love has flourished. In October 2008, the couple decided to tie the knot and eventually start a family of their own.Obesity

Larry, who is currently in the army, was sent in Afghanistan for a year-long tour in 2012. Weighing approximately 260 pounds, Misty told herself that it was time for her to get back into shape and take control of her life. Her primary goal – to surprise her husband when he returned home.

She knew all too well just how hard dieting is, having tried numerous plans before before but sadly, she was never able to stick with the programs. At one time in her life, Misty lost about 60 pounds but that was with the aid of diet pills but after giving them up, the pounds quickly piled back on.

Misty felt like everyone had been laughing at her the whole time and being tired of it, she decided to take action. She desperately wanted to prove that she could change. She knew it would be difficult, but this time, she was more determined than ever before to be the best she could be.

Eliminating  junk food from her diet was the first step to dropping weight and feeling great. She then gave up soda, opting for water and coffee instead. It took Misty four months to get accustomed to the changes but eventually, earlier cravings for soda and junk food dramatically diminished.

Making things tougher, Misty works as a personal shopper at a supermarket, so for her, controlling diet was even harder. Determined, she chose healthy foods from the salad bar or oven-baked chicken over piping hot fried chicken available at the supermarket. Misty continued to work toward her goal and when her husband returned home on May 15, 2013, he did not even recognize his high school sweetheart. After laying eyes on her, he thought she was some stranger in the crowd. However, after getting a closer look, he realized the beautiful woman with the great figure in front of him was in fact, his wife.

Feeling overwhelmed with pride, he picked Misty up, the first time he had been able to do that in a very long time and a special moment shared by both.

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