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Several Food Products Recalled by Minnesota Company


The authorities have discovered wisteria in several samples of food products form a Minnesota company and the company is busy recalling some of its products like salsa, cheese, peanut butter, spreads, etc. These products are distributed nation and Minnesota Department of Agriculture has stated that there are no reports of illness as yet. The Minnesota Company is cooperating completely and is already in the process of recalling several products with different sell-by dates. The customers who have already bought these products are urged to throw them away or return them to the store.
These food products are distributed under the Parkers Farm, Central Markets, Parkers, Happy Farms, Hy-Top, Say Cheez, Amish Classic, Bucky Badger labels, Win Schuler, etc. You will find them selling at different stores such as Byerly’s, Lunds, Price Chopper, Nash Finch, Hy-Vee, Cub, Rainbow, ALDI, Wal-Mart and Brookshire stores.

What is the cause of concern behind? The bacterium -Listeria is particularly unsafe for the pregnant women and newborn babies. It is also dangerous for those with weaker immune systems and can cause serious illness even in healthy people. Symptoms comprise of nausea, fever, muscle aches and diarrhoea. Antibiotics are given to treat the illness because of Listeria.
All those consumers who are anxious and have any questions can contact Parkers Farms at (800) 869-6685. The Minnesota company is located in the town of Coon Rapids, and is offering full cooperation in the matter with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and supporting the investigation.

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