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San Francisco, Santa Clara Bans E-Cigarettes


E-cigarettes industry is getting harder blow in the Bay Area. It is now banned in the Santa Clara County and San Francisco. The supervisory boards announced the restriction on the device on Tuesday.

Traditional cigarettes are already banned in San Francisco.
In the new bill sponsored by Supervisor Eric Mar it is said the electronic cigarettes are to be treated as other tobacco products and it won’t be sold to them who are below the restricted age, similar to the real cigarettes.

Mar said the vapors released from the electronic device are potential health risks and the flavors used in it such as chocolate, peach and grape are enticing the youths to use the virtual cigarette.

E-cigarettes are battery-operated and releases vaporized liquid that may include nicotine and other substances.

As of now there are no federal regulations yet and more than 100 cities and counties across US have placed restrictions on the sale of the device. Forty cities and counties in California too have banned it.

Meanwhile, the e-cigarette supporters fear users of medical marijuana will be forced to smoke outside with the cigarette smokers. Also, there is almost no evidence that the device leads to health risks and it may be a safer alternative to the traditional cigarette.

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