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Reduce your risk of heart attack- Catch up on sleep at daytime


It’s true that lack of sleep in the mornings can be one of the reasons for heart attacks. The rate of heart attack was considerable lower when people were able to catch up on sleep on Tuesdays as compared to Mondays.
The stress and depression associated with starting work on a Monday can be quite stressful and this results in catching up on less sleep which indirectly affects our health. As per cardiology expert, Dr Amneet Sandhu, people who sleep late experience cardiac and heart problems. This was clearly stated in the American College of Cardiology at Washington. There is a clear connect between heart attacks and sleep and the less you sleep, the greater there are heart related ailments.

Even minor changes in the sleep patterns of people affect their heart and it leads to cardiac problems. Once people slept well, the heart attack percentage really dropped down. During winters, the days are shorter as compared to nights and so people catch up on sleep. It has been established and proven by hospitals and clinics to prepare their patients well for such heart attacks. The hospitals and medicare units are also well equipped to take care of their patients in a right manner.

The concept of daylight saving was first introduced during World War I which helped to save energy but there have been skeptics as to whether this really needs to be continued and whether it makes sense in today’s world.

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