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Orange County Has the Highest Number of Measles Cases

Orange County Has the Highest Number of Polio Cases

Health officials are anxious and concerned with the rise in the number of reported cases of measles. This disease was thought to be eradicated in the United States, but now with the number of infected people in California, it seems to be on the rise. As of now there are approximately 21 reported cases of measles in Orange County. San Diego has 4 cases and Los Angeles has around 10.

Orange County Has the Highest Number of Polio Cases

According to Eric McDonald, Public Health Officer for the County Health Department, San Diego would not have one reported case in a normal year. He is of the belief that the disease is being brought into the United States from travelers returning from places like the Philippines, Africa, Asia, India and Europe where the disease is still widespread. But he says what’s putting people in the United States at risk is those who aren’t vaccinated.

Measles are extremely contagious and is known to target mainly children. The symptoms of the disease usually appear 7-14 days after one has been exposed to the virus. Typical symptoms would include rash, and high fever. There may even be loss of appetite, runny nose and red eyes. The entire body is covered in spotty rashes that can get very itchy. The course of measles, provided there are no complications such as bacterial infections, usually lasts about 7-10 days. It is spread through the air and fluids form a person’s nose.

The number of reported cases in California has jumped in the last two weeks. Healthcare officials in Orange County warned residents to review their vaccination history and to monitor themselves for any symptoms of the disease. Officials insist that immunization is one’s best defense. According to Eric McDonald, “On the scale of contagious diseases, this is one of the most contagious, in fact, it’s so contagious that if you were in the room an hour after somebody with contagious measles had been in the room, you could be potentially exposed.”


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