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Obesity can be dangerous – Endometrial cancer


Yes, obesity is definitely dangerous for our body and it could not only have physical but also psychological effects on our health. It is imperative that women understand that obesity can result in a whole host of problems. Since 2014, the percentages of women who are falling prey to endometrial cancer have increased. Close to 3 percent women have a fair chance of falling prey to endometrial cancer as per Dr. Andrean Hagemann who is the assistant professor at the gynecology and obstetrics in the US. Close to 8000 women fall prey to this problem.
A simple case of Coplon revealed that since January 2013, she noticed that her periods were not normal and a biopsy was performed to know about her condition. She was detected with cancer. Women who had never borne children and who have already entered the menopause stage much earlier than it should actually occur have a greater tendency and chance of getting endometrial cancer. It has been established that women over the age of sixty have a greater chance of falling prey to endometrial cancer. In endometrial cancer, the endometrium is affected and it is caused when the endometrial cancer thickens. Abnormal bleeding is one of the main symptom and women should check out for the same. This occurs when the women are obese and overweight.

Post menopausal should check for bleeding signs and immediately report the same to the doctor and it is important that regular checkups be followed. All these are important precautions that women over the age of 60 should follow.

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