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Not only obese, underweight people are also at a great risk of dying prematurely


Washington, March 30: Studies have now confirmed that underweight people are at a greater risk of dying prematurely as compared to their obese counterparts.
A detailed study of around 51 cases of relation between death and Body Mass Index (BMI) by a group of physicians has brought about strange revelations. Unlike what was previously thought, people who are underweight have a high risk of dying before their time. The cause might be cancer or other mental and physical illnesses which is because of the poor immunity of the body.

The study showed that in young adults, who had a BMI of under 18.5, the risk of dying prematurely is 1.8 times greater. While in obese people, it is 1.2 times than normal and in over-obese ones, it is 1.3 times. So, the risk of death is almost 1.5 times more for underweight people which is very high as what was previously assumed.

These are stark indicators about the risk prevalent among a number of people who have low-income levels or poor upbringing. As a result of deficiency, malnutrition, insufficient food intake or other problems, people are unable to get the required nutrition. As a result, they become prone to various sicknesses which can make their body weak and open to attacks.

The study was conducted on a number of patients across age groups and the results have also been made public and published. Further research is being continued in the matter.

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