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Myths about unhealthy foods, saturated and unsaturated fats

Fat and obesity

The myths about red meat and eggs leading to increase in cholesterol levels have now been dismissed. The latest reports by the British Heart Foundation states that it is important to stick to healthy foods and red meat may not be as bad as it is projected to be. Close to six lakh participants participated in the tests and it was established that consumption of saturated fats may not be the primary cause for coronary heart disease. Moreover, the survey conducted in 2010 cannot for sure establish that heart disease and saturated fats are interlinked.
Fat and obesity
With so much of talk about polyunsaturated fats that lend heart protection, we are not very clear as to whether this is the right way of perceiving our health. Dr Rajiv Chowdhury clearly states the nutritional guidelines are changing and we need to keep ourselves abreast of these changes.

Also, if you are going to replace pastas, potatoes and white rice with refined salts, sugars and processed foods, you are definitely not giving your body healthy food. Eating less of saturate fats is one way to reduce obesity and ill health. Following a healthy lifestyle, adequate exercise, drinking lots of water and changes in lifestyle are certain factors that need to be keyed in if you want to live a healthy life.

It is high time we get rid of the nutritional orthodoxy and that there is no clear connection between blood cholesterol and eating eggs. Fats and proteins are power packed with macronutrients and these are the ones that give the right amount of satiety.

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