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Multi-Drug Resistant TB Rising In India Too

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The Multi-Drug Resistant tuberculosis (MDR TB) is spreading rapidly, causing serious concern. Hundreds of new cases have been reported in the Indian city of Hydearbad with few dozen deaths so far.

The World Lung Foundation has urged to invest in healthcare systems, medicines and vaccines.
heart problems
Addressing to the media on the World TB Day the secretary of finance Dr P V Ramesh said, “The cases of drug-resistant TB are on the rise. Unless we catch thousands of TB cases, that are missed out by the public health system, it is difficult to address the issue.”

Since 2008 about 500 MDR TB cases have been reported in the city and most of them are currently undergoing treatment, said district TB officer Dr G Keshav Chander.

He added about seventy patients have died with the disease so far.

Official data says around two lakhs new TB cses are added in the state in every year. A little more than a lakh is identified by public health system and the rest either visit private practitioners or don’s go for any medical help at all.

Officials say the hundreds of cases who never take medical help are a common problem and hence the actual numbers are likely to be much higher.

Experts even say one-third of all the HIV patients have TB. Also, trend of TB has been diagnosed among diabetics and children.

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