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Men With Heart Attack Treated Quicker Than Women In Same Age Group: Study

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In a new study it is found younger men suffering from a heart attack are treated faster than the women of similar age group with same medical problem.

The study was conducted by Montreal clinical psychologist.

Roxanne Pelletier from Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre said they were surprised with the finding as there was no much biological difference between men and women, but in fact it is related to the gender characteristics like the typically feminine traits of personality.

The team found women between the age group of 18 and 55 waiting about six months more than men of same age for an electrocardiogram. They were suffering from acute coronary syndrome.

Electrocardiogram is usually given within 10 minutes of the arrival of patient in emergency room. It is used to confirm a heart attack. In the study the average for women was 21 minutes and for men it was was 15 minutes.

Also, the time of wait for a drug to be injected to unblock clogged arteries was 36 minutes for women in average and it was 28 minutes for men. The guideline says it should be withing 30 minutes.

An earlier study by Harvard Medical School last year found younger Hispanic, black and white women were more likely to die in hospital compared to white men after a heart attack.

Researchers say if longer time is taken to unlock the obstructed arteries, bigger part of the heart will die.

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