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Marriage Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Marriage Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Marriage has proven to be good for your heart, a recent study revealed. It was found that people who are married had reduced risks of heart disease. Not just that, they even found that being married lowered the risk of cardiovascular disease affecting the legs, neck or abdominal areas. Dr. Carlos Alviar, a cardiology researcher at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City, said, “We found that being married was associated with lower risks of cardiovascular disease in general.” He is preparing to publish his research work on Saturday at the annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology, in Washington, D.C.

Marriage Keeps Your Heart Healthy

The researched collected and analyzed data from over 3.5 million people across America. The information included history and risks of cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and even smokers or non-smokers. The patients were within the age bracket of 21-102 years and off all the people they had studied, 69% of them were married. There were even 14% who were widowed, 9 percent were divorced and 8 percent were single.

There are other studies which have confirmed that marriage helps the heart and a person’s health in general. This new study by Alviar is considered to be one of the first to be conducted at such a large scale. There are yet other studies that have revealed that marriage has a more positive effect on men than on women, though Alviar’s study did not include gender differences.

“Married men and women had 5 percent lower odds of any vascular disease,” Alviar said, comparing them to singles. “Widowed men and women had 3 percent higher odds, and divorced men and women had 5 percent higher odds of any vascular disease.” This was after they had taken into account menacing factors such as age, gender and race, marriage was still protective, researchers found.


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