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Jahi’s Mother Believes She’s ‘Still Sleeping’

Jahi’s Mother Believes She’s ‘Still Sleeping’

Jahi’s mother is finding it extremely difficult to come to terms with her daughter’s condition. A thirteen-year-old girl Jahi McMath, was declared brain dead by a host of neurologists approximately 3 months ago. Her mother though continues to insist that her daughter is merely ‘asleep’ and is “blossoming into a teenager.”

Jahi’s Mother Believes She’s ‘Still Sleeping’

Jahi was admitted to the Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland, to have her tonsils, adenoids and uvula surgically removed. The problem started when things went wrong and complications arose in her surgery in December. She was then declared brain dead and the same was confirmed by 3 neurologists. They even told Jahi’s mother that she would be unable to breathe on her own and there were no signs of blood flow to her brain. They also confirmed that there were no indications of any electrical activity in her brain.

The only thing helping Jahi to breath is a ventilator, which was kept for her as a per a court’s order. They are waiting on the opinion of independent experts to move forward and decide what is to be done. Jahi’s family does not have access to her body as well as they are keeping her in a secured location till the experts affirm the findings.

“I don’t use the word ‘brain dead’ for my daughter. I’m just waiting and faithful that she will have a recovery,” Jahi’s mother, Nailah Winkfield, insisted in an interview with KNTV-TV in San Jose. She went on to say, “She is blossoming into a teenager before my eyes.” She even described her daughter’s condition as being ‘very responsive’ and states that she is undergoing physical therapy 3-4 times a week.

According to Rebecca S. Dresser, professor of law and ethics in medicine at Washington University in St. Louis, the physical form of a person has been maintained for months and in some cases years. But, once the brain stops responding and there is no sign of any activity, there is no chance of recovery.


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