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Increase your salt intake – Increase your inches


A recent study stated that salt can be really dangerous to teenagers who are already on the obesity scale. Also, increased salt intake can be dangerous as it could lead to water retention and you will appear more than your actual age. When the salt intake goes high, it can also lead to other heart related ailments and cardiac strokes. It also has a direct link to cellular ageing.
Teenagers with a high salt intake may also have shorter telomeres in comparison to those who had a low sodium intake. When there is division of cell that takes place, there are shorter telomeres and when it becomes really short, there is further cell division and ultimately the cell dies. Similar genetic processes also result in Type 2 Diabetes, dementia, Alzheimer, cardiac diseases and so on. Cellular ageing speeds up due to increased salt intake. Also, obesity and overweight are the other major drawbacks of increase in sodium intake.

Processed foods have a high level of sodium and salt and so it is advised that parents serve fresh cooked foods to their teenagers. It is important that teenagers eat out less and go for home cooked foods if they really want to cut down on their calories and want to reduce weight and inches. The average sodium intake should be restricted to five grams of salt as compared to ten grams. This will help in slowing down your ageing factor. There is high content of salt in pizza, pastas, sandwiches, burgers, sauces and readymade cereals so stay away from these. You could see the difference for yourself.

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