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How stress can have detrimental effects on women’s fertility?


There is a direct link between women’s infertility and pregnancy issues with the stress levels. Women who intend getting pregnant will have to make sure to have a calm mind and remain stress free. The stress biomarking tests clearly indicate if a woman is going through stress in her life. The latest report and studies have revealed that women whose saliva clearly indicated elevated levels of alpha amylase were stressed and there was a lower chance of such individuals getting pregnant.

A study conducted amongst American women aged 18 to 40 years clearly showed that women with less stress levels had fewer fertility problems and they could conceive. This was conducted by the Longitudinal Investigation of Fertility and Environment (LIFE) Study. When the percentage of cortisol and alpha amylase is high in women, it is an indicator that the woman is stressed and it could result in fertility related issues.

Women who showed high stress biomarkers had fewer chances of conceiving as against those who had low stress biomarkers. These are few techniques and tests that women should carry out to get an idea of what is going wrong in the body. The tests mentioned above will also help the women take the necessary steps to reduce stress and lead a stress free life. With a variety of stress relieving techniques like mindfulness, yoga and meditation, it will not become easy to live a stress free life and also conceive and enjoy the joys of motherhood. Holistic stress free measures are healthy and these are definitely effectual.

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