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How safe are water births and whether these can be recommended

Pregnant Woman

About three years back, Gisele Bundchen had a safe water delivery and she had a painless and drug free water delivery. Yes, many of the actresses have also sworn in by the water delivery method. However, the American Obstetricians and Pediatrics Academy have come to the conclusion that at the time of the delivery, if a woman soaks herself in water; it helps the woman in easy delivery. Also, the medical authorities have not cent percent established if water delivery is the right option. There were few factors that were worrying and these were chances of the baby getting an infection in the event of the water being contaminated.
Pregnant Woman
Other risk factors of water delivery included rupture of the umbilical cord of the baby once the mother delivers the baby. At times, if the water delivery is not done with precision, it could result in the baby choking if the water enters the baby’s nose and mouth and one can never underestimate or take chances of the baby drowning in water. As of now there are no specific studies as to the safety and risk factors involved in water delivery. In 2010, a report came out as regards water delivery where an infant suffered sepsis infection.

With such reports, the obstetricians are more careful when it comes to recommendations for underwater delivery. The couple is informed in advance of the complications that may arise in case of such deliveries so then it is left to the couple to decide. There may be couples who would want to go for such water deliveries as it does not involve any medication.

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