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How easy it is to quit smoking – Does restriction really help?


E-cigarettes were introduced with a view to enable smokers to quit smoking. As per reports from the Journal of The American Medical Association, it is established that there is massive promotion for e-cigarettes and these are supposed to be the right aids that will help the individual quit smoking. These battery operated cigarettes heat nicotine and the vapor can be inhaled. With a plethora of varieties of e-cigarettes available, you can pick your flavor. The business for e-cigarettes is around two billion US dollars.
You can keep away from the ill effects of actual smoking but opting to go for e-cigarettes. Youngsters are targeted because they are the generation who would like to make changes to their smoking patterns. E-cigarette users went through the nicotine patch test and the results were alarming. These were the people who found quitting smoking difficult as compared to those gave up the normal cigarettes and did not opt for e-cigarettes.

Also, simply using the e-cigarettes is not going to benefit the individual in quitting smoking altogether. The research further established that individuals who were not all that educated and youngsters constituted the major percentage of people who went for e-cigarettes. Even women and teenagers opted for e-cigarettes because they felt that these would be safer as compared to smoking the conventional cigarettes.

The researchers Pamela Ling, Lucy Popova and Rachel Grana clearly state that unless and until the advertisements imposing e-cigarettes are banned, there will not be a significant drop in the number of e cigarette smoking. There is no specific evidence to prove that e-cigarettes will help in reducing the ill effects of smoking.

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