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New Drug For Hemophilia B Patients From Biogen Idec


A Biogen Idec Inc. drug has been approved by Canadian health officials and it prevents and controls hemorrhage in patients. This is the first time that we find a new drug approved in nearly two decades. Biogen Idec disclosed the approval by Health Canada, and set the phase for a Food and Drug Administration decision for allowing the drug into the larger US market. The drug is called Alprolix and Biogen has already applied for approval of the drug in Japan and Australia.
A recent report says that about 4,000 people suffer due to hemophilia B in US as compared to 28,000 worldwide and 700 in Canada. It is seen that it is mostly men who suffer from hemophilia. Biogen Idec has been trying a similar treatment for the more common hemophilia A that affects more than 140,000 people around the world. Regulatory decisions are anticipated on that drug in midyear. The senior vice president of hematology, cell, and gene therapies at Biogen Idec says that the new segment of therapy is certainly going to lower the burden of treatment.

Hemophilia B weakens normal blood clotting in patients and this leads to extended bleeding, causing pain and joint damage. This is certainly exciting and a major landmark in the hemophilia treatment as it helps patients to lead more normal lives. Biogen Idec is the largest biotechnology company based in Massachusetts and got approval to market Alprolix in Canada for adults and children who are over 12 years old. The drug is to be taken once a week or once every 2 weeks and this is a huge improvement as currently, patients need to be injected with the drugs two or three times every week.

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