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Health Care Related Infection Are On Rise! CDS Says It Is A Major Issue

Health Care Related Infection Are On Rise! CDS Says It Is A Major Issue

The Centre for disease control and prevention has released reports today 1 out of 25 patients treated in U.S hospitals get infection and 1 out of 9 don’t survive. The most common of such health care related diseases are pneumonia and surgical site infections. They account for 22% of all other infections.

Health Care Related Infection Are On Rise! CDS Says It Is A Major Issue

Mr. Michael Bell, MD & Deputy Director of CDC’S division of Healthcare Quality Promotion commented at a recent news conference, “CDC is known for handling outbreaks, but it’s even more important to be scanning the horizon for the next important threat that needs to be tackled,” On the issue of health related infections he added, “We found that on any given day 1 out of 25 patients has a hospital infection, and of those people, as many as 1 out of 9 go on to die. This is not a minor issue.”

Apart from pneumonia, gastrointestinal infections account for more than 17% deaths. The notorious pathogens are Clostridium difficile accounting for 12.1% of all Health Associated Infections (HAIs) and 70.9% of gastrointestinal infections, Staphylococcus aureus amounts to 10.7%, Klebsiella pneumoniae and K oxytoca to 9.9% and Escherichia coli (9.3%). There are cases where there is reoccurrence of infection after admission into the same hospital, the rate of which is 19.4%. Surgery site infections have reached to an alarming 67%.

Older patients who have life support systems like mechanical ventilators and catheters are more prone to hospital infections. CDC is concerned that some of the bacteria has developed resistance and have become ‘super bugs’. C. difficile is linked to anti biotic resistance diarrhea. It causes severe colon infection and few cases require removal. E coli and Klebsiella are described as physicians’ nightmare as they are antibiotic resistant.

CDC reveals that in spite of the fact that hospital related diseases are on rise the doctors, scientists and physicians are dedicated to take measures to curb the rise.

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