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Guinea In Threat Of An Epidemic

heart problems

Guinea is in serious threat of a deadly epidemic caused by Ebola that has led to most of its neighbouring states closing its borders for an indefinite time period.

Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS) has visited the affected region and have declared it to be a grave and serious situation for guinea and the nearby regions.
heart problems
This virus, found mostly in the tropical region is extremely dangerous as it leads to haemorrhagic fever, diarrhoea, muscular cramps, vomiting and in rare but later stages multiple organ failures and bleeding that may lead to death.

The main concern now is that no vaccine has yet been made for this newly detected virus which is making it even more difficult to keep the disease in check.
It is still mystery how this deadly disease affected guinea, says Sakoba Keita, the head of the Guinean health ministry’s prevention division.

Tests to detect the origin of the virus are still going on to help with the development of a vaccine. Already 11 cases have been reported out which about 70 have resulted in death.
The neighbouring nations have advised to stay closed as an attempt to combat the disease and also to check its spread as an epidemic. But unfortunately its neighbours Sierra Leone and Liberia have also reported cases of Ebola recently.

Most of the cases have been reported from the forested areas. All the possible attempts are been made in relation to the grave threat, writes WHO official.

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