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Guinea hemorrhagic outbreak – Sierra Leone may have got exposed


The hemorrhagic fever which killed 29 individuals in Papua New Guinea is feared to have broken into Sierra Leone as well. This is as per one of the senior health officials in Sierra Leone and as per a WHO document. This country is neighbor to Guinea.

More than 45 cases have already been registered with the last count at 49 within Guinea. The outbreak was initially reported in the capital of Conakry on the 9th of February.
While authorities are still struggling to detect the type of fever, preliminary findings reveal it could be either Ebola or Marburg Hemorrhagic fever. Both these types cause bleeding along with fever and are pretty dangerous diseases that are due to similar viruses.

WHO officials say that these deaths may also be due to Lassa fever that can also cause bleeding along with fever. That is because some cases have been reported along the borders of Sierra Leone. Authorities in particular are investigating the death of a 14 year old in Kailahun District. This was in Buedu town and as per the chief medical officer; Lassa fever was the reason for death of this individual.

The 14 year old boy had apparently made his way to Guinea in order to attend a funeral. This was ironically the funeral of one of the victims who fell prey to hemorrhagic fever. The officer confirmed that a medical contingent was there in Buedu to carry out more tests and also check people who may have come in close contact with the boy.

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