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FDA backing for Colon Cancer Test


The number of FDA advisers voted and also clearly endorsed the stool test that related to colon cancer. It was further researched and established that colon cancer can be so dangerous and so it is important to identify the risks involved in colon cancer. If not treated at an early stage, it can prove to be dangerous and fatal as well. Cologuard test of Exact Sciences helps identify colon cancer and helps save any major problems at a later date.
Executive of Exact Sciences was pleased that the Cologuard test has been approved by the FDA. FDA is also going to do the entire review of the test and going to encourage the screening of the colorectal cancer so that the patients do not have to wait till the end and rush in the last minute. These tests prepare the patient well in advance and save the patient from any grave problems at a later date.

In the past and even now, the doctors generally advise the stool tests to identify if there are blood traces in the feces of the patients. This helps in identifying tumors or even precancerous colon polyps. However, Cologuard will be easily able to identify cancer cells of the colon and the genetic changes that occur in the body. These are the latest tests that a doctor would be recommending to rule out any colon cancer possibilities in the patient. Find out more from the doctor about Cologuard.
Another kit by the name Epo ProColon kit manufactured by Epigenomics also helps in indentifying colon cancer cells but for this instead of the stool test, blood test is undertaken.

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