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Experts Recommend CDC Risk Calculator As Early Defence Tool

heart anger

With cardiovascular disease being the main killer worldwide, 11 professional societies and charitable organizations in the UK issued new recommendations for preventing the disease.

Published in the journal Heart, the recommendations call for early defensive actions, including the use of a novel risk calculator.
heart anger
The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that cardiovascular disease (CVD) caused nearly 600,000 deaths in the US in 2010. By 2030, over 23 million people are likely to die each year from CVDs.

Thanks to improved methods of identifying risk factors, and numerous public health initiatives, it has been possible to reduce the occurrence of heart disease-related deaths by half over the past five decades. Low- and middle-income countries however, where obesity and diabetes are on the rise, find it extremely hard to grapple with the problem successfully.

The new recommendations by the Joint British Societies extend the risk identification from focusing only on those at short-term risk to those whose family and lifestyle factors from a younger age indicate a high lifetime risk.

With the aid of a risk assessment tool, called JBS3 risk calculator, it will be possible to determine the “true age of the heart,” experts say. Accounting for family and lifestyle risk factors, the calculator is able to predict how long one is likely to live before they have a heart attack or stroke.

“[It] is a novel and exciting tool that can be used to motivate both physicians and patients to tackle the potential scourge of CVD, at a time when overt disease is not present and prevention may exert its greatest impact,” the authors say.

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