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Ebola Tests Diagnosed Negative For Man Hospitalised In Saskatoon


Rod Ogilvie, who was suspected to have contracted Ebola while on a trip to Liberia, has been declared as not having the deadly virus by the health officials in Saskatoon on Tuesday.

Test reports from National Microbiological Laboratory, Winnipeg, have diagnosed that Ogilvie also does not have Marburg, Crimean Congo or Lassa viruses that cause hemorrhagic fevers.
Dr. Denise Werker, chief medical health officer of Saskatchewan, informed that these four viral hemorrhagic fevers were their main concern. And now they are not to be worried about.

Though there is no diagnosis for Ogilvie yet, who is still critically ill and will continue to have more tests.

Ebola became epidemic in a region of west Africa and has taken around 60 lives in Guinea. There are prospects of the virus being spread to Liberia, its neighbouring country, through people who visited in pursuit of treatment, as Liberian health officials are scrutinizing 5 such incidental deaths.

Ogilvie is president at Global Geological Services in Saskatoon. Presently he is on ventilator and is not able to communicate. No visitors are allowed near him.

The patient might have contracted a number of prevalent diseases of his region, such as yellow fever or malaria. His symptoms do not show any possibility of risking public health, Werker said.

Malaria is not contagious person-to-person. Meningitis, another possibility, could be contagious to close contacts. A person having these kinds of conditions is not a risk to the public, added Werker.

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