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Eating Small And In Intervals May Not Always Help In Weight Loss!

Eating Small And In Intervals May Not Always Help In Weight Loss!

Losing weight has for age long has been associated with been on ‘diet’. It’s also a term used by food manufacturers to indicate that something is supposedly healthy or has less of some seemingly undesirable ingredient usually fat, sugar, or total calories. But the word “diet” itself simply refers to what we eat.

Eating Small And In Intervals May Not Always Help In Weight Loss!

Previously many diets have suggested that eating food in small intervals helps us in maintaining our weight and is a next step to achieving that dream waist line. As opposed to those researchers from University of Warwick has challenged a common notion for losing weight. Overweight people are suggested to eat in small portions 5 meals a day. However eating in small intervals has no effect in boosting metabolism or to banish fat. They suggest that one should concentrate calorie count that actually matters for shedding weight.

A diet comprising of lots of vegetables, fruits, low calorie dairy products, cereals and less carbs, having less salt/ sodium help us to attain a fit and healthy body. Healthy diets and keeping calories under check have a way around to control hypertension, maintain body weight, check cardiovascular diseases, make us less prone to diabetes, and heart attacks. Dr. Milan Kumar Priya from U.K. National Institute for Health Research adds “If you eat two meals or five, as long as it’s the same number of calories; there is no difference in energy expenditures, so there is no effect on weight loss.”

This study concentrates that size and interval of meal is not what matters it is the amount of calorie with burn. A frequency of 5 meals accompanied with a sedentary lifestyle will not help anyone to lose weight. So the take home message from experts is to watch on the amount of calories intake and to stop been a ‘couch potato’.

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