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Can authority and strict atmosphere at home lead to obesity in kids?


Every parent has their best interests at heart and wants their kids to grow up disciplined and well behaved. But at times, parents over do the disciplining and authority and kids end up becoming obese. As per the American Heart Association’s 2014 session, kids who were over disciplined at home and who had authoritative parents were more gullible to suffer from obesity. Parents who set too high standards and boundaries for the kids and were less affectionate towards the kids had obese kids as compared to kids whose parents were affectionate and loving.
Lisa Kakinami feels that the parents need to understand the pattern of parenting and they need to shower their kids with affection and love without overdoing it and also should know the limits when it comes to disciplining the kids and laying down restrictions. Anything that the parents overdo is going to have a major effect on the kids and so parents have a great responsibility ahead of them. There are basically four parenting types wherein the parents are authoritative, authoritarian, permissive and negligent.

The first is the authoritative type that includes demanding parents but also responds to child’s issues and emotions. The second is the authoritarian style where the parents are demanding and unresponsive to the child’s needs. The permissive parents are more docile and not demanding but are responsive to the kids. The negligent ones are neither demanding nor responsive.

Kids of authoritarian parents fall under the obesity bracket as compared to kids who had authoritative parents. The responsibility of parenting also passes on to the doctors who will be able to counsel the parents with regards to the right style of parenting that they will need to adopt.

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