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An App to Help With Sobriety

An App to Help With Sobriety

If you or anyone you know has just been through the ’12 steps’, here’s a 13th step to help. An app has been launched that helps people with sobriety and other recovering alcoholics. The app comes equipped with a panic button and sounds an alert when they get too close to bars or taverns. This prevents them from jumping off the wagon.

An App to Help With Sobriety

This app works in tandem with other apps to help keep recovering alcoholics from relapses. Adults who were release from in-patient treatment for alcoholism reported fewer drinking days when they were given the app. The results were solely dependent on the patient’s account of relapses and a probable limitation.

Mark Wiitala, 32, took part in the study and says the app helped save his life. He said the most supportive feature of the app was that it allowed him to connect with a host of other peers who had gone through and were going through the same recovery program. The app made them immediately accessible for an encouraging text or phone call when he needed an emotional boost. “It’s an absolutely amazing tool,” said Wiitala, of Middlesex County, Mass. He said he’s continued to use it even though the study ended.

The study was published in JAMA Psychiatry. It was conducted on 271 adults who were tracked for a year. They had all been in-patients for treatment of alcohol addiction. The app also includes a feature that from time to time asks you questions by text of voicemail on the progress of your sobriety and if there were any possible relapses. If there are too many negative answers then the app will automatically notify a counselor.

“We’ve been told that makes a big difference,” said David Gustafson, the lead author and director of the Center for Health Enhancement Systems Studies at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.



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