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Allow Kids To Sleep Enough; Don’t Lie Too: Research

sleep child

If you are bringing up your child, don’t make these two mistakes – not ensuring enough sleep and little lying. Researchers say these two common mistakes while parenting could lead to disastrous consequences.

In one study it is said the young ones who sleep less tend to eat more and this may lead to obesity. And of course, both are not healthy for the body in later part of the life.
sleep child
Researchers found 16-month-old children who slept less than 10 hours consumed 10 percent more calories compared to other children who slept more than 13 hours.

Abi Fisher of the Health Behaviour Research Centre from University College London said children who sleep less tend to consume more calories.

However, the exact causes are not yet very clear. The study suggests probably the shorter sleeping patterns disrupts the appetite hormones regulation.

The study was published in the International Journal of Obesity. Fisher said in it that more study is yet required.

In another study by separate group it is said parents must not lie their kids as they in return may tend to cheat. The researchers suggest the lying should not be done even if it is just for getting the cooperation of the kids.

Associate professor of psychology and humans development at the University of California, San Diego, Leslie Carver, said this research is first to confirm that lying affects the honesty of young ones.

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